7 Step Formula to Making Money Fast with Website Flipping

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How to Make Money Flipping Websites


Have you ever asked yourself, how are all these guys making so much money buying and selling websites online? If you ever wondered how to sell a website on flippa, I’m about to tell you. So what is website flippingWhat if I told you flipping sites is something that many online marketers are keeping a secret because it’s one of the easiest, most lucrative ways of making a part time, or even a full time income online.

Now I’m not here to tell you selling websites on flippa can make you ten’s of thousands of dollars in the next several days baloney. That would be like saying your going to hit a home run before you even know how to hit a ball. But I am here to tell you making money website flipping if your a beginner is fairly easy… Once you understand the 7 step formula I’m about to reveal.

The two main types of flipping websites for profit are selling sites that are already established, getting traffic, ranking in the search engines, and potentially making money from different profit centers such as adsense or affiliate earnings. These type of sites are an investment. They take time, or money, or both to build up, but can be very profitable in bringing the end user a lot of loot.

Then there are new sites that are sometimes called starter sites with no traffic, no sales, and typically created to flip for fast cash. In fact many of the buyers of starter sites are simply buying on the basis of potential. Meaning the potential to actually make money from the new site, or sometimes just to enhance the site in some way to later flip on the website marketplace for bigger profits.

So if you ever wondered how to flip websites, you can do both if you understand the game. And it’s not difficult once you get started. The process of how to flip a website has been around now for a very long time and getting started can be as simple as the 7 step formula. Of course the first step is making your first sale, right? What if I told you I created a system to get you started? Something that will make you your first sale, and very possibly get you on the path to making a website flipping fortune.

The 7 step formula I came up with is to help you get the ball rolling. Get you started and show you how to make money flipping websites. The 7 step formula goes like this;

  1. Research; Not many talk about this, or really understand it. Research is the difference between making the right flippa website and getting it sold. Same goes for knowing how to decipher the right time and the right website for making your next investment.
  2. Domain Selection; Choosing the right domain is just as important. Whether its the right suffix, keyword exact or descriptive. One needs to know whats going to sell on the open market.
  3. Hosting Selection; Having the right hosting provider is just as important as knowing how to set up your website, forward your domain, and later the technical aspects of doing the transfer after the sale.
  4. Building Your Website; Whether its wordpress or an html website, this is the critical part of getting your buyer to really take notice. The auctions are full of sites and you want to be able to answer the question why would they want to buy from you.
  5. Listing Your Website; Making an attractive listing is what’s going to make your sale. Proper description, proof of potential and an offering incentive can make all the difference of getting your website sold on sites like flippa.
  6. Selling Your Website; Customer support, answering questions and making a smooth transaction will build the trust you need with your buyer. Also, getting a good review and possibly bring you back a repeat buyer.
  7. Investing Your Money; Not only do we need cash now, but setting aside money from sales can be a very smart investment. Keeping an eye on the open marketplace, and purchasing at the right time, may just bring you back a much higher return.  

How to make money from websites can be easy once you understand how to flip websites. Many can grasp the concept I just laid out, but if your new this all may seem very overwhelming. It’s also one of the reasons I created a website flipping course called “Quick Flip Renegade” which will go live sometime in March 2016. It goes into greater detail how I first got started flipping websites in my spare time, and how you can get started too. If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact me or email support@websiteflippingformula.com. I will be updating this portion of my site till then.